Talent Buying

With over 40 years of Talent Buying and networking experience within the entertainment industry, this background places TBN in a unique position to represent you, our customer. There is now substitute for long-term relationships in any business, but especially in the Entertainment Industry.


Put Talent Buyers Networks experience and knowledge to work to make your live entertainment program a success. We can help you:

  • EVALUATE YOUR CURRENT PROGRAM: TBN offers a reasonably priced LIVE ENTERTAINMENT ASSESSMENT, 1 day onsite visit to meet with everyone connected to entertainment, review the history, formulate a PHILOSOPHY OF LIVE ENTERTAINMENT, and prepare objective recommendations.
  • START A NEW PROGRAM: Why reinvent the wheel? TBN has helped many similar casinos get started the right way. Budgeting, staffing, talent buying, production, venue planning are just some of the areas addressed.
  • BUILD OR EXPAND YOUR VENUES: Many casinos have traveled the same route of expansion. Missteps are made without considering all the factors. TBN can help your team avoid common pitfalls and make sure you are heading in the right direction.
  • STAFF YOUR PROGRAM: How many times have we heard that the people make the difference? There are many people wanting to be in the entertainment side, but are they truly qualified? TBN has the most experience in evaluating, hiring and training the right people to help make your program a success.
  • OUTSOURCE TALENT BUYING: This is where TBN casino experience really pays off for you. In an increasingly competitive and sophisticated talent market you want the very best professionals on your team.

TBN has the knowledge, network and resources to put the odds of success in your favor with a STRATEGIC LIVE ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAM. Working with TBN will accrue these benefits:

  1. Purchase entertainment based on strategic data
  2. Brand your venue with reliable demographics
  3. Develop follow-up focused on reliable reports on each event
  4. Brings something new and creative to the entertainment buying process
  5. Reduce your exposure when presenting live entertainment

TBN Entertainment Value-Added Services For All Casinos Includes The Following:

  1. Hosted Organizational Meeting with GM and Entertainment Manager to set priorities/goals and Vision for the coming year.
  2. We developed a consensus on our methodology for buying as well as for our communication expectations.
  3. We then did 2 things...looked back at all of their past booking history and assessed the current tools they were using for budgeting and forecasting results.
  4. Our job was to understand the context of their entertainment needs in light of current casino competitors as well as neighboring PAC's and other venues.
  5. We then developed demographic/financial/ticketing data along with historical information on each artist that they wanted to book.
  6. TBN then developed a system for processing how we jointly we're going to be making formal "offers."
  7. This process involves the technical manager, general manager and the marketing and entertainment department. This necessitated weekly phone conferences to insure proper understanding and consensus.
  8. Before we made offers, we had to get the rider for each artist we were going to make an offer on. From that rider, we developed a pro-forma for each show including ticket prices, scaling the house, and developing the comp ratios for in house promotions. This was pre-approved before we took the next step.
  9. In our conference calls, we decided who we were going to make the offers to based on our due diligence from the radio stations, other casinos. All data was previously emailed to insure everyone had identical data to work with.
  10. We came to a consensus, brought venue riders to the our meetings along with venue sheet based on total experience of entertainment department personnel along with a price.
  11. TBN Entertainment starts buying your talent with approved budget along with proper data in place to back-up and justify artist selections.